Blog Relaunch (Yes, again)

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I noticed that I write not as often as I want to, so I procrastinated and first relaunched my blog instead of writing. It has a new design and some new functionality, also the posts have now images. The relaunch was, for me, some kind of personal retrospective, where I read all my old posts and found out that I’m probably a better webmaster than a writer…

New Domain

I used to write mostly about code, why was kind of a fitting domain and a good decision at that time. But this is not true anymore. As everyone does, I have changed the things I think and write about from pure coding towards connecting business, people, and technology.

Because of this and many other reasons, I decided to go live with the new domain and also rebrand my homepage and social profiles in this course. Because I’m swiss, and this was my very first own domain, also redirects to this blog, but is otherwise unused.

New Design

I have a new design. It is still simple and clean, but not so “nerdy” then the last one. I think it matches the new domain and content better but still supports readability. Tell me if you like it.

Also, the categories and tags have been cleaned up a bit, especially in the older posts, just as a housekeeping measure.

Things which stay the same

  • Still hugo built, but a newer version
  • Still completely open-source on Anyways, please don’t steal my content without credit.
  • Sadly, the content… There is no new content by the time writing this, but I have roughly 10 posts planned / in mind. I just need to write them. #procrastination

I hope you like the new design and structure of my blog. Leave a comment or tell me your thoughts on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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